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Profiles are priced at $14.99 for an individual state/province, $19.99 for a Region/Country, and $9.99 for an individual cleric. Email us for the prices of customized, user-defined Profiles. (User-defined Profiles of a state/province covering a specific number of years are priced at $19.99.) Profile fees are generally waived for victims, the media, and certain victims' groups, at the sole discretion of


First contact us by filling in the information requested above. Indicate the name of the state/province, country/region, specific cleric or customized profile desired (such as a specific location or region covering specific years). We will reply and indicate whether the Profile(s) fee has been waived. If it has been waived, the purchaser will receive the Profile(s) within 48 hours in most cases. If it not been waived, return to this page and pay for the Profile(s) requested by clicking on the Pay Now icon below. There is no need to fill out the above form again. We will match the initial Profile(s) request with the PayPal receipt. It will expedite delivery of requested Profiles if the same email address is used to fill out this form and to pay PayPal for the Profile(s). Multiple Profile requests need to be purchased and paid separately.

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